What we do

We are a family firm based in Castellón (east Spain) and makers of traditional soaps since 1922.

Our natural soap production is handcrafted according to our century-old family recipe. Nowadays, we continue to specialise in soap making by combining tradition and innovation in all our formulations to obtain the highest quality sustainable soaps.

Our philosophy

Our commitment with, and our opting for, sustainability is reflected at all levels, from the environment to the society we form part of. We opt for manufacturing organic products that respect the natural environment and people’s health. This is why we certify our products with agencies that guarantee such sustainability.

We collaborate with different local and international associations and NGOs by periodically donating soap for their hygiene programmes. In business terms, we attempt to consume and produce as ethically and responsibly as possible. See our Yearly Social Action Report.

We have a Code of Ethics in which we make public our values and commitment as a company which, in turn, acts as our guide to improve our business activity.  See the Jabones Beltrán Code of Ethics.

Our brand names

We produce organic soaps and products for cleaning and caring for clothes and homes (bioBel) and for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS (Beltrán Vital); soaps to treat plants and crops (Castalia Bio Potassium), and soaps for cosmetic use (Essabó).

Our Team

All this is possible thanks to our team of professionals in different areas that contributes with a perfect experience + innovation combination thanks to its knowledge and research, and particularly thanks to a very high dose of care for, and affection of, the products we manufacture.

You can get to know us better on our corporate website at:


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