NATRUE Certification

All Essabó products have an organic and natural certificate, a guarantee that supports the sustainability of the product, as well as its manufacturing process. For this we have the prestigious NATRUE certification, an international non-profit association committed to the promotion and protection of Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.

Vegan formulas with 100% naturally sourced ingredients

Organic certification

Essabó Eco soaps, in addition to being made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, are certified as ecological, which guarantees that our products are made with a minimum of 95% ecologically grown organic ingredients.

100% natural certification

Our shampoos are certified natural, which guarantees that they are made from 100% natural ingredients. In addition to this certification, they contain a minimum of 21% ecologically grown organic ingredients.

The range of Essabó Natural soaps also have the natural cosmetic certificate from NATRUE, guaranteeing that their composition is formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

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What is the difference between NATRUE organic and NATRUE natural certification?

The ecological and natural certification in cosmetics according to the NATRUE standard is a seal that guarantees that the products meet quality, safety and sustainability requirements, based on the use of natural and ecological ingredients, respect for the environment and animal welfare. The difference between the ecological and natural certification lies in the minimum percentage of ecological ingredients that the products must contain. According to NATRUE, a product can be certified as ecological if it contains at least 95% of natural ingredients and 95% of ecological ingredients, while a product can be certified as natural if it contains at least 95% of natural ingredients, regardless of the percentage of ecological ingredients. These certifications offer the consumer a guarantee of transparency and trust against greenwashing or green washing.

certificado ecológico y natural