Certified, multi-use and plastic-free solid cosmetics that are practical, healthy and sustainable. Small, light, solid and space saving.

Zero waste

A single bar of soap or shampoo saves a significant amount of waste: provided it is stored properly in a dry place. In terms of active ingredients, each bar is equivalent to 3 x 300 ml containers of liquid gel or shampoo. In addition, Essabó soaps have multiple uses, which means it is unnecessary to buy different products along with their bulky packaging. Thereby, you can save money and avoid producing unnecessary waste.

Sustainable packaging

A zero waste product requires suitable packaging, which is why our soaps’ boxes have a minimalist design and are made with environmentally friendly paper. Our soaps are sold in an original box design that is simple, appealing and eyecatching. On the inside, there is information about how to use the product, its ingredients and our artisanal manufacturing process, all of which gives extra added value.

What are the benefits of solid shampoos?

Our solid Essabó shampoos are a natural, handcrafted, zero waste, vegan, sustainable alternative made using concentrated ingredients. What is more they are plastic-free, long lasting, and ideal for when you are travelling.

How long does a bar of Essabó soap last?

In terms of their active ingredients, each bar of soap is the equivalent to three 300ml bottles of a liquid product. However, after using Essabó soap make sure you keep it somewhere dry so that it completely dries out.

How do I choose my Essabó solid cosmetics?

Essabó solid cosmetics complement one another! Our soaps are recommended for all skin types, and are ideal for use in the shower. Choose the one that suits you and your needs. Enhance your body care routine with our shampoos: Frequent use for everyday haircare, Purifying for when your hair needs a deeper cleanse and Nourishing, for extra moisturising. For more tips on using our product, as well as interesting facts about them, visit our blog.