Essabó, the cosmetic brand produced by Jabones Beltrán, originates from a family business established in 1921 on Spain’s Mediterranean coast in Castellón. Jabones Beltrán specializes in crafting traditional soaps for cosmetic use and the Biobel  range, providing eco-friendly solutions for domestic cleaning and laundry needs. 

Essabó soaps are manufactured in Spain by Jabones Beltrán, a family soap company since 1921.

Artisanal production

At Jabones Beltrán, we are committed to maintaining a responsible production. This is the reason why our soaps are 100% handcrafted and certified by the official seal of Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana (Craft Product of the Valencian Community, Spain). Essabó soaps are produced by cold saponification and constant stirring, which preserve the cosmetic properties of their ingredients. After being left for a few days in moulds, the soap is cut by stainless steel wire into bars and then into tablets. Their engraving and packaging complete a long manual process that is performed with care and affection.

In other matters, the production of our Essabó range involves zero or very low-energy processes, making our products sustainable in every sense. Furthermore, these soaps carry an important added value: they are made by hand – by people not machines – continuing a traditional artisanal craft.

Responsible production

The result of this process is the creation of  soaps with a high value,  each accompanied by a story, a person and a manual process that takes care of all the details. A craft and professionalized production model, with high productive capacity and in accordance to all European regulations and current safety standards. 100% sustainable production, in minimal processes and energy consumption.

Producción local y responsable
Producción local y responsable
Producción local y responsable

Jabones Beltrán

Our mission is to create ecological soaps using traditional soap making methods that combine our commitment to high quality with our concern for the environment and health. We stand out for our ethical approach to business at all levels and responsible production. We have developed and optimized to the maximum our sustainable manufacturing processes, so they respect both the environment and society. We also ensure our responsible energy use is kept to the minimum. One approach to achieving our aims has been the work we have invested in obtaining the ISO 9001 quality certificate. This certification guarantees the quality and professionalism of all our innovation, customer service and sustainability activities, as well as our artisanal and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Jabones Beltrán is backed by the Handicraft Centre of the Valencian Community, which accredits the company’s handicraft nature.