Exfoliant Essabó Eco 120g


Exfoliant Essabó is a bath soap formulated to softly scrub skin naturally thanks to its ground almond shells and organic aloe vera. Its base is made with ecological coconut oil and olive oil.

It is handcrafted by traditional cold saponification.

It is ideal for all skin types.

It is NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate. This certification audits the entire production process; from the quality, traceability, and origin of the ingredients to the final cosmetic product, including manufacturing, facilities, and documentation.

*All the soaps in your order go in the same box. If you want to distribute them in several boxes, please specify it when placing your order in the notes box.


Almond shell is a natural skin-scrubbing ingredient that confers skin delicate softness thanks to the fatty acids of almonds. It removes dead cells from skin.

Aloe vera moisturises and softens skin by acting as an excellent cell renewer. Owing to its profound penetration, it is a potent scar healer that combats irritation and dermatitis thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory power.

Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic oils used in soap making. Coconut oil is the ideal cosmetic for personal hygiene. It provides abundant soft lather with the softening and moisturising properties of olive oil, which make soap excellent for all skin types, even the youngest, and the most sensitive or atopic skins


All-in-one Ecofunctional soaps


This new Essabó collection is the most natural and convenient option for the whole family’s daily hygiene. A lightweight bar of soap offers different uses, which renders buying different products with lots of bulky packaging useless, and offers the following purposes:

Body bath soap, scrub-skin soap, soak for cleaning your face and removing make-up, hand soap, soap for greasy skin and acne, hair shampoo soap, soap for shaving and beard hygiene, soap for body shaving, and soap as an aesthetic pretreatment.

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Additional information

Weight 0,400 kg

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, aloe barbadensis extract*, lavandula hybrida oil, glycerin, salvia officinalis leaf oil*, prunus amygdalus dulcis shell powder, tocopherol, linalool**, limonene**.

*Eco-farm ingredients. / **Natural components of essential oils.

% ECO NATRUE: 97.2%


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