Ecological soaps

Essabó’s range of ecological soaps are crafted with traditional soap-making methods. They cover all your skin care and hygiene needs: from general hygiene with our shower soaps to acne treatment. We have even created a soap that acts as a post-exercise muscle recovery balm.

Essabo Eco
Essabó Natural
Essabó Natural
Essabó Natural

100% natural ingredients

>95% ecological


Plant-based oils

Coconut and olive oil

Vegan formula

0% animal-sourced ingredients

Essabó Eco


Enriched with essential oils of lavender, cinnamon and orange. Suitable for all skin types. An essential for everyday washing. Ideal as a substitute for shower gel.


Pure coconut and olive oil soap. Perfumed and allergen free. Suitable for all skin types, especially delicate, sensitive, atopic or allergic skin conditions.


Made with ground almond shells and aloe vera. Removes dead skin cells naturally. Scented with essential oils of lavender and sage.


Our formula combines menthol, Epsom salts and essential oil of mint. Relieves aching muscles and aids recovery after exercise. Also suitable for tired legs.

Oily skin

Our formula combines green clay and lemongrass. Cleanses deep down to help balance your skin’s natural oils and prevent shiny skin, as well as preventing and soothing acne.

Shampoo Soap

Soap formula shampoo made with jojoba, aloe vera and argan oil. Alkaline Ph. Suitable for short and greasy hair. Two-in-1: body and hair. Suitable for all skin types.

Shaving soap

Enriched with shea butter. Creates a thick lather that prevents skin irritation, which is also ideal for shaving. Highly nutritious body wash. Recommended for sensitive skin.

Essabó Eco


Discover the best way to store, protect and travel with your ecological soaps.

Cork soap case

Compact and ultra-light. Made from 100% Spanish cork, which aids moisture absorption, but without any dampness seeping out. It keeps your solid soaps in perfect condition, ensuring they last longer.

Essabó Natural


The soda-less soap myth


The natural bar of Essabó soap to overcome acne