A range of premium ecological soaps. Enriched with bio-ingredients and carefully selected combinations of essential oils, whose many properties provide a range of health benefits.

Our solid shampoos are handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, which are all sustainably sourced.

Basic range of natural soaps made with a range of ingredients with a wealth of skincare properties.

Find out more about Essabó solid cosmetics. Handcrafted soaps and solid shampoos, all with NATRUE ecological and natural certification and made with 100% natural ingredients. Vegan formulas suitable for all skin types.

Jabones Beltrán’s solid cosmetics

At Jabones Beltrán we have spent over a century manufacturing soap. We specialise in the development and manufacture of ecological and certified products made using natural soap. We combine traditional processes with innovative plant-based ingredients: a perfect harmony between tradition and innovation. The result is a range of high quality, effective, sustainable and healthy products.


Essabó is the Jabones Beltrán brand of handcrafted cosmetic soaps and 100% natural solid shampoos. It is a range of basic everyday hygiene products for the all the family, even for the most sensitive skins and hair naturally, respectfully and effectively. A variety of practical, healthy and sustainable certified cosmetics with multiple uses, and absolutely no plastic is used. Small, light, solid and ideal for when you are on the go.


100% natural ingredients

Vegan formulas



NATRUE Certification

Ecological and natural


Sensitive skin and hair

Dermatologically tested



Made in Spain



Sustainable packaging

Ecological paper


The soda-less soap myth


The natural bar of Essabó soap to overcome acne