Solid shampoos

Made with natural conditioners and plant-based surfactants that create a generous lather that cleanses deep down. The principal ingredients used in Essabó solid shampoos enhance your hairstyle, as well as adding shine, volume and bounce to your hair, while keeping it clean for longer.

Essabó Natural
SELLOS_zero waste

100% natural ingredients

>21% ecological

Zero waste

= 3x300ml liquid shampoo

Made in Spain

Responsible manufacturing

Vegan formula

0% animal-sourced ingredients

Champús Essabó

Frequent use

Our formula combines mango butter and castor oil. This helps stimulate, moisturise and protect hair on a daily basis. Naturally scented with mango and redcurrant. For all hair types.


Enriched with pomegranate oil and red clay. Balances, neutralises and regulates sebum production without drying out your hair. It also conditions your hair. With natural grapefruit fragrance. Recommended for greasy hair.


Enriched with avocado oil and argan oil. Along with olive oil, these two oils moisturise, repair, nourish and add shine to your hair. With natural banana fragrance. Ideal for dry hair.


Discover the best way to store, protect and travel with your Essabó shampoo.

Cork soap case

Compact and ultra-light. Made from 100% Spanish cork, which aids moisture absorption, but without any dampness seeping out. It keeps your solid soaps in perfect condition, ensuring they last longer.

Essabó Natural
Essabó Eco