Essabó Natural Shea Butter 100g


Essabó Natural Shea Butter is a vegan soap with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Its abundant creamy lather deeply cleanses hands, face and body, making this the ideal soap for your bathroom.

It is manufactured using a traditional cold saponification process with coconut oil as a base oil; this vegetable oil possesses some of the most beneficial skincare properties. Learn about our manufacturing process in this video.

Shea Butter hydrates and nourishes the skin deep down protecting it from external aggressions, as well as soothing cracked dry skin.

Recommended for dry skins.

NATRUE certified natural cosmetic.


Shea Butter is renowned for the intense lasting impact of its moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is deal for your face and body as it softens and restructures wrinkles and stretch marks.

What is more, this soap is enriched with olive oil to further enhance its soothing effect, which makes it an ideal facial soap.

By coating the skin with an invisible film this soap prevents dehydration and offers protection from external factors; it is also an ideal way to protect your skin

from strong sunlight, both before and after tanning.

Enriched with essential oil of orange and cinnamon.



All-in-one Ecofunctional soaps


This new Essabó collection is the most natural and convenient option for the whole family’s daily hygiene. A lightweight bar of soap offers different uses, which renders buying different products with lots of bulky packaging useless, and offers the following purposes:

Body bath soap, scrub-skin soap, soak for cleaning your face and removing make-up, hand soap, soap for greasy skin and acne, hair shampoo soap, soap for shaving and beard hygiene, soap for body shaving, and soap as an aesthetic pretreatment.

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Weight 0,12 kg


Body cleanliness: body bath soap

A bar of Essabó soap is the most natural product for body cleanliness and hygiene. It makes plenty of creamy lather that cleans, nourishes and cares for your skin’s health. It does not cause irritations, hypersensitivity or itchiness when coming into direct contact with the synthetic ingredients usually found in gels and shampoos.

Wet the bar of soap and use it directly on your skin or on a sponge. Massage its lather on your body and then rinse well with water.

sodium cocoate, aqua, glycerin, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, butyrospermum parkii butter**, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, tocopherol, citric acid, limonene*, eugenol*, linalool*.

*Natural ingredients derived from essential oils.

**Ingredients sourced from ecological agriculture.

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