The most natural way to shave

Despite men’s skin being 20% thicker and containing more collagen than women’s, the popular belief that they do not need to care for their skin as much is full of holes.

Today on the Essabó blog we will provide the keys to perfect shaving and a 10-out-of-10 skin.

Men’s skin being stronger than women’s is no less true than their skin being constantly submitted to the aggressions of shaving blades.

Every time you shave, you take part of the corneous stratum off your skin apart from hair. And you may even cut yourself! This is why skin is more vulnerable and sensitive after shaving.

So is it not common sense to care for and mime skin so it does not suffer?

With Essabó we have created a perfect formula for you to shave everyday and care for your skin. If you tend to often shave less, this soap is perfect for you as it allows you to carefully clean your beard and keep your skin healthy.

To use it, all you have to do is to wet your beard and rub the bar of soap in your hands to make it lather. As it does not contain toxic lathering agents, do not expect its lather to resemble whipped cream! However, its lather is nourishing and really moisturises.

When you have worked up some lather, apply it to your beard and then traditionally shave as usual.

You will notice how the blade slides effortlessly and how your skin will be clean and grease-free, comfortable and flexible. You will not wish to miss shaving with Essabó!

Your skin will be free of the usual compounds found in shaving creams, like toxic preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol or isothiazolinones, silicones and mineral oils, or EDTA like Trisodium EDTA, formaldehyde-releasing components like 1-Methylhydantoin-2-Imide or synthetic perfumes. Say No to toxins!

This is why our soap only contains top quality natural and ecological ingredients.

At Jabones Beltrán we know that thanks to Essabó, you do not want to waste time on complicated routines with dozens of products. Our shaving soap is not only ideal for shaving or cleaning your beard, but it is also fantastic for the whole body.

This is so because its mixture of extra-ecological first cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and ecological shea butter forms the perfect tandem for skin.

Coconut oil forms a consistently rich lather. This oil is packed with medium-chain fatty acids, which make it highly emollient oil.

Moreover, it has high lauric acid content, approximately 45% of total fatty acids. The only natural food to exceed coconut oil in lauric acid terms is maternal milk.

What benefits does lauric acid offer skin? Lauric acid offers excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a first-order treatment for acne. Despite coconut oil having well-known comodogenic properties, it is actually very beneficial oil for treating acne and other types of inflammatory skin problems.

Apart from coconut oil, it contains shea butter, which helps to keep skin healthy thanks to its exclusive composition, where two marvellous acids for your skin stand out: palmitic acid and stearic acid.

Palmitic acid, despite having been put down in recent times for being the main component of palmitic oil, is no unhealthy ingredient at all (the problem lies in the quantity and quality of this oil used in industrial baking).

Nonetheless, apart from the palmitic acid of our coconut oil coming from sustainable and ecological sources, and being virgin and cold-pressed, it offers soothing and anti-bacterial properties that make our Essabó soaps very special.

Along with palmitic acid, coconut oil contains large doses of stearic acid, which is one of the ‘secrets’ of modern cosmetics because it is a marvellous natural and very soft surfactant used to obtain soaps suitable for the most sensitive skins.

This makes our shaving soap a 3-in-1 soap because it can also be used for the whole body without drying skin, it is excessively greasy and leaves our skin as soft as a baby’s.

Its convenient format means that it can be taken anywhere and involves no complications. With Essabó we hope that using our soap is not only a perfect option for your skin, but also for your pocket as it lasts much longer than conventional gel does. It also saves using plastic and is eco-friendly!

With Essabó we look after your skin and the natural environment.

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