The natural bar of Essabó soap to overcome acne

Some studies have confirmed worse quality of life for people with acne or post-acne, and anxiety and depression symptoms in people with acne, and we increasingly know what most causes acne and how to fight it.

Mixed skin with acne and blackheads, etc. Many people’s adolescence and youth was marked by acne appearing, and ailment that goes much further beyond one’s physical appearance, and may leave physical and emotional sequelae.

Today with Essabó we provide guidelines to help your skin do away with this unfortunate visitor.

1.- The first thing to obtain is suitable care habits and no to touch spots or blackheads, never mind removing them, if you do not go to a specialised centre with optimum disinfection conditions as common acne is caused by a bacterium with the same name that colonises our skin. It is worth keeping it at bay.

2.- Watch what you eat. The relation between intestinal macrobiota and skin has not long since been established, but it would seem that certain foods like milk and sugar are not very good for acne. Conversely chocolate, which has been indicated as a cause of acne for decades, could be a potent antioxidant due more to its sugar and milk content than to cacoa itself.

In fact it is now known that people with acne also have a different intestinal microbiota to those who do not have this skin problem. This supports the increasingly widespread thesis that skin is no independent organ covering us, but a true communicator of what is going on inside us.

So if you wish to keep acne at bay, try including probiotics in your diet: sauerkraut, kefir, fermented and pickled products, and anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea or turmeric (and a long list of others), and leave coffee, smoking, soft drinks and alcohol to one side.

3.- Do not harm your skin. The so-called rebound effect is a reality. Our outer skin layer is mainly made up of sweat (water) and fat (lipids), which act as a barrier against pathogens and UV rays, maintain our skin’s pH and avoid loss of water. Using gels formulated with sulphates likes sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, which are the most widely used ones, even in baby products, dissolves our natural fat and unbalances skin by altering it.

When this happens, our skin attempts to replace any lost lipids because this is vital for our survival, while fat starts being produced, and dries and starts splitting our skin.

Along with surfactants, a whole range of ingredients avoids our skin from being able to protect itself, e.g. liquid paraffins and other petrol-based agents. Moreover, their manufacturing processes are highly polluting. Then there are also PEG (which are also created by a process in which a toxic ingredient banned in the EU is involved as it is carcinogenic: ethylene oxide), and an endless list of ingredients that we should avoid using on our skin straight away.

4.- Clean skin gently. The Essabó greasy skin soap removes any excess fat from mixed and greasy skins. With this specific soap for your skin type, not only will you be caring for your skin, but you will help maintain your skin healthy, becauseapart from stringent green clay it also contains cinnamon essential oil, one of the essential oils with the strongest antibacterial power.

Our soaps’ slightly alkaline pH is compensated by overgreasing that helps skin recover this pH immediately. Adding a few drops of cider vinegar when rinsing will help keep skin healthy and acne-free.

Thanks to these pieces of advice, your skin will appear better looking and healthier because with Essabó, Jabones Beltrán is working to achieve this.


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