Essabó, the soap for the whole family, including kids!

With Essabó, Jabones Beltrán has almost one century behind it. Today we tell you why bars of soap are perfect for your children’s skin, and for everyone despite their slight alkalinity!

More than once we have read that bars of soap, the traditional kind, are not suitable for use with children given their alkaline pH. Today on the Essabó blog we talk about children’s skin and why the use of our Essabó ecological soaps is ideal, specifically the Perfume-less one.

Although it is true that traditional bars of soap are somewhat more alkaline than our skin, as they are soaps supersaturated with oils from first ecological cold-pressings, they do not dry our skin as much as solid traditional soap does.

Moreover, the slight alkalinity of our soaps makes them very effective cleaning soaps, especially when children do what children usually do: play, roll around on the ground and get covered in mud, dust or chocolate. After being washed with certified Essabó eco-soaps, after a few minutes our skin recovers its ideal acidity.

If you are a mother or father who enjoys putting creams and oils on your children’s skin, skin acidity recovers immediately, leaving skin clean, healthy and balanced.

Using bars of soap in summer months is especially recommended when children are prone to having heat spots on buttocks, and in skin folds on arms, legs and necks.

Yet there is more. Perfume-less Essabó soap is ideal for removing any physical sun filter remains (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) as they are the only sun filters we recommend for children’s and the whole family’s skin!

This is due to skin lotions with chemical filters being highly toxic, to such an extent that their use has been prohibited on Hawaii islands because they are responsible for whitening the coral reef, which implies its death, and the death of thousands of species.

Despite being much healthier than conventional filters, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are effective because they are hard to remove from skin. However, this becomes simple with Essabó soaps. Try them!

Apart from effectively removing sun filter remains, our soaps are especially prepared to help dry and remove spots. As they our soaps are saturated, they do not dry our skin, but clean it effectively.

With Essabó we have been making soap for more than 95 years. Our eco-certified soaps only contain the best ingredients for your skin because, like you, we are also mothers and fathers, and we want the best for your home and your children’s skin.

We know that your trusted chemist’s is full of rich ultrafat gels that ensure you they are ideal for your children’s skin. No doubt you have purchased them because you are convinced they are the best for your skin.

Nevertheless, these gels contain toxins that are being monitored more and more by authorities in the European Union, such as parabensPEG, sulphates and isothiazolinones (methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone), toxic ingredients behind many cases of contact dermatitis and neurological development problems, among many other health problems.

They are becoming increasingly controversial because they are able to act by undoing our hormone system balance. Therefore, for your children’s bath times and lives, bathe naturally and healthily by choosing  Perfume-free Essabó.

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