Jabones Beltrán, manufacturers of traditional handcrafted soap

We have been soap makers since 1922, and we still love producing handcrafted soaps in the same way our great-grandfather used to.

Today we wish to inform you who manufactures and is behind Essabó, our cosmetic soap brand. We are Jabones Beltrán, a family business from Castellón (Spain) founded in 1922 which, since then, has worked on producing handcrafted soaps.

This company started producing natural, solid and soft soaps. Nowadays, we still specialise in natural and traditional soap making, and our soaps come in different formats that adapt to today’s requirements and demands. Apart from manufacturing soaps for cosmetic use, we produce certified ecological soaps for washing machines (Biobeland ecological soap for plants and crops (Castalia).

After almost one century, we attempt to combine tradition and innovation in all our products by formulating our soaps from old recipes, along with the best and most novel sustainable ingredients on the market. Thus we develop top quality ecological and healthy products. We also work to maintain our essence and handcrafted character in our production, which is why we have received the Artisanal Seal of the Valencian Community.


Local responsible production


The manufacturing process that we follow for bars of soap is cold saponification, during which oils are not heated, but constantly stirred. Demoulding, cutting into bars, engraving and packaging is a manual process, and all details are carefully considered. This process takes some 7 to 10 days. Behind each bar of Essabó soap there is a history, a time and a person, which all confer this soap a special value. As this soap production requires very little energy, they are sustainable soaps in all aspects.

Quality, trust, experience and constant improvements are some of the values in our Code of Ethics, a document that acts as a guide towards our business growth and to make our values and commitments public which, as a company, we have undertaken with society and the surrounding environment.

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