New handcrafted bio soaps: all in one

The most sustainable and healthy zero-waste product is available for your daily hygiene.

Jabones Beltrán presents you with the new ecofunctional Essabó Eco soap collection, a set of six cosmetic soaps: EssentialPerfume-freeGreasy skinExfoliantFor Shaving and Shampoo. This new set, along with the current collection of World Aromas and Colours offers the widest and most competitive range of eco-soaps for the whole family’s daily hygiene.

Some of their outstanding functionalities include their use as a bath soap, face-cleaning soap and make-up remover, soap for hands, solid shampoo soap for washing hair, soap for shaving and washing beards, soap for body shaving or soap for treating shiny skin, acne and an exfoliant. A single zero-waste product with no plastics, which is small, lightweight and easy to transport and does away with having to buy several products that come in large containers for all these purposes. A true revolution in hygiene cosmetic products that justifies the well-known expression of Less is more.

These soaps are produced according to formulations prepared with ecologically grown plant oils, like coconut oil and olive oil, enriched with different biocosmetic extracts and oils, plus a combination of essential oils. And all this with 0% surfactants or synthetic ingredients like sulphates, silicones or parabens, among the many others usually included. This is why the handcrafted Essabó soaps clean naturally, are eco-friendly and care for our skin by minimising or avoiding allergies and irritations, even on the most sensitive and  atopic skins.

Authentic 100% ecological handcrafted soaps


This is no green marketing, it is a reality. All the handcrafted Essabó Eco soaps produced by  Jabones Beltrán are certified by Bio.Inspecta according to standard BioVidaSana and its “Ecological Cosmetic Product”, top category with a minimum of 95% of the ingredients from eco-farming. This certification guarantees the traceability and sustainability of all the employed ingredients, as well as the product respecting health and the natural environment.

Their manufacturing process is handcrafted, by means of cold saponification, which maintains all the excellent properties of their ingredients. Demoulding, cutting into bars, engraving and packaging make up a long manual process. Handcrafted soaps with a history and people behind them who care for all the details.

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